A party obsessed with trying to stay in power.

The UCP Annual General Meeting was a showcase of a party out of touch, and obsessed with their craven desire to stay in power -- at any cost. 

The UCP are not even trying to hide it anymore. They will engage in infighting, leadership challenges, and political games. Why? So that they can duel it out amongst themselves for power. 

What’s the result: a party that proposed incredibly fringe policies (so-called conscience rights, private healthcare, and more) while duelling amongst themselves for power. 

Over 3,000 Albertans have died from COVID. Over 45,000 medical procedures were cancelled because of hospital overcrowding. But the UCP barely mentioned those issues.

This is embarrassing. It’s selfish. It’s dangerous. 

As Albertans go through some of their most challenging times and try to win the fight against COVID, we need a governing party that isn’t obsessed with fringe policies and leadership woes. 

It is abundantly clear Jason Kenney and the UCP need to go. Signup to join the fight to fire Jason Kenny and his incompetent and ineffective UCP government. 

PS - This message is brought to you by CUPE Alberta. CUPE proudly represents thousands of frontline workers across Alberta.


A party focused on nothing but themselves. We need to #FireTheUCP