Alberta needs a good government.

Jason Kenney’s actions have not only hurt Albertans, but they are also rooted in a party that’s deeply incompetent. 

The UCP have been in government for just over 2 years, but their track record is already full of failures, lies, and broken promises. 

We think it’s time for a new government. Here is why:

Failed us on the economy.

  • Failed our economy – Jason Kenney’s big economic move was a $4.7 billion tax cut to the richest, most profitable corporations. It didn’t work. Even before the pandemic, Alberta lost 50,000 jobs. Alberta was hit harder than every other province by the pandemic, losing more jobs and more economic activity. The Kenney government lost thousands of jobs in the green energy sector. They invested, and lost, $1.7 billion in a pipeline that will never be built.
  • Debt and Deficit – Jason Kenney and the UCP doubled Alberta’s deficit before the pandemic. And then they doubled it again!  Over 45% of Alberta’s current debt load was added in just the last two years since Jason Kenney was elected.

Failed us in education.

  • Instead of helping Alberta kids get ahead, Jason Kenney has introduced a K-6 curriculum that is opposed by 90% of teachers, is ideological, short-sighted, and will set Alberta kids back if implemented. What’s more? No school board in the province has agreed to pilot this toxic curriculum. But Jason Keneny and the UCP persist, trying to thrust their ideological agenda onto Alberta families.

Failed to protect our province’s environment and natural beauty.

  • Tried to delist, close and remove 175 provincial parks, caving only after grassroots and opposition pressure. 
  • Removed the 1976 coal policy and greenlit open season for coal mining projects that threatened the environment and natural habitat of the Rocky Mountains. Even despite massive public pressure, several coal mining projects have moved ahead.

Failed to create jobs - instead fired thousands of people.

  • Front line service cuts – Jason Kenney promised he would not cut front line services. But he laid off 25,000 education workers at the start of the pandemic, and fired 11,000 health care workers as we were battling COVID. He’s gone to war with doctors, nurses, teachers, health care workers and everyone who provides important services to Alberta.

Failed us on COVID.

  • Messed up COVID – Alberta has repeatedly been the last province to adopt measures to contain the spread of COVID. And when the Kenney government did enact measures, it was always after the spread was so great, measures had to be even more severe. We lost lives, we lost livelihoods under the UCP’s lack of leadership. Our rates of infection were consistently the highest in Canada. Our hospitals struggled to keep up – especially after Jason Kenney fired 11,000 hospital workers and went to war with doctors.

Failed to uphold their own rules - entitlement at their core.

  • Don’t follow their own rules – When the UCP told us to stay at home, their ministers and staff flew to Hawaii and Mexico. When we were supposed to avoid gatherings, Kenney was having fancy dinner parties at the Sky Palace.  Jason Kenney and the UCP do whatever they want to – no matter the danger they put other people in.

Join our efforts to ensure we can defeat Jason Kenney, once and for all.

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